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Hot Air Balloon Rides  (Last updated on April 18, 2010)

We offer Hot Air Balloon Rides all year long. Each season offers its own unique adventures and views.        

We fly our balloons in the morning just after sun rise, and in the evening about 2 hours before sun set. These times offer the most favorable conditions for flying a Hot Air Balloon. Our flights offer magnificent views of rivers, fields, towns, wood lands and animals as we drift over the country side of Central and Eastern Connecticut. On a clear day we can see the mountains of New Hampshire to the north and Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Our finial destination is determined by the direction and speed of the wind. An average flight covers between 3 and 10 miles and lasts about 1 hour.

After landing we celebrate each flight with a Champagne toast, just as the early aeronauts did in 1700 France. To see what you can expect on a Hot Air Balloon ride visit our Photo Album page.

Scheduling a Ride

To schedule a Hot Air Balloon Ride call or e-mail us with the date(s) you are interested in.  (Sorry we do not offer Gift Certificates for Flights)

After a date is scheduled we'll confirm a Meeting Point and Meeting Point Time with you. We'll also need a phone number to contact you on in case of weather delays.


Anyone is welcome, and encouraged, to come out and watch the Hot Air Balloon flight experience. You don't have to be a ride customer to come out and watch. Just contact us and we'll let you know our schedule and how to meet up with us.

Rates   (unfortunately rising fuel prices and insurance have caused us to raise our rates for 2010)
                                                (Sorry we do not offer Gift Certificates for Flights)

  • Passenger Rides - Our Balloon can carry up to 3 people. We have a 2 person minimum per flight, so single riders will be scheduled in with other riders. The price for a single passenger Hot Air Balloon ride is $325.00 per person.

  • Private Charters - For 2 people who want the Hot Air Balloon and pilot to them selves. This gives a very private ride for 2 people that are planning a special event, such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary or just being alone together for a memorable occasion. The price for a 2 person private charter is $900.00.

  • Balloon Festival Rides - We attend many events where 10-130 Hot Air Balloons fly all at once. These events offer a unique and spectacular balloon ride experience as the sky fills with the color and excitement of multiple Hot Air Balloons. These festivals generally allow us to bring in a limited number of passengers for rides. However, at some Festivals, the scheduling and rates charged are set and handled the festival organizer. Check our Flight Schedule to see where these events are and how to schedule your flight with us.

  • Tether Rides - These are available for parties, corporate events and special occasions. A Tether Ride Flight uses ropes to hold the balloon in one location and allows it to rise up about 50 feet in the air. We can make multiple ride trips up and down to give many people a ride in a Hot Air Balloon with out flying away. We can also arrange for multiple Hot Air Balloons to attend the same event. The same weather conditions needed for Balloon Ride Flights are needed for Tethered Ride Flights. The price for a 1-1/2 to 2 hour Tether Ride session (varies with the days temperature and weight of riders), within 50 miles of Coventry, CT is $1,500.00. 


  • Payment -

    • A 50% deposit is requested to reserve a flight date.

    • The balance is due on the launch field the day of the flight.

    • All Flights are subject to favorable weather conditions for Hot Air Balloons.

    • We accept personal checks and cash. (sorry no credit cards accepted)

    • To reserve a flight call 860-428-6769

  • Cancellation Policies -

    • Because of weather conditions - Safety is our foremost concern for each flight. Hot Air Balloons are a delicate aircraft and need the calmest of weather conditions to fly. If we cancel because weather conditions are not favorable for flying, and we can not reschedule you for another date, we will refund 100% of your deposit.

    • Customers Canceling - If we are given 24 hours notice before our meeting point time of canceling a flight, 100% of all deposits are returned.

    • Re-scheduling - We need 18 hours notice, prior to our meeting point time, if you need to reschedule for another date, otherwise a $25.00 pre person rescheduling charge is added.

    • Not Showing Up or Not Showing Up On Time - If you do not show up at the Meeting Point "On Time" for a scheduled flight you will forfeit all deposits. If you are going to be late call the pilot's cell phone so we can try and make other arrangements to get you to the launch field and maybe still make the flight. There is only a very small window of opportunity each day to fly a Hot Air Balloon, and it is not fair to our other passengers and crew, who are on time at the meeting point, to wait for late passengers and jeopardize missing the opportunity to fly. Please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive early at the meeting point.

    When a flight is booked and confirmed we will provide you with detailed instructions to the Meeting Point, a Meeting Point Time and telephone contact numbers for the pilot and crew. Please take this document with you. If you are going to be late, please call as soon as you realize you are going to be late.